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It sounds as if you are having fun and you are very fortunate to be so talented. I wish I lived close enough to hear you play.


Have you ever wished you could tell your childhood self a thing or two about growing up? Would the knowledge you know now have saved you from learning things the hard way?

It's Tough Growing Up: Children's Stories of Courage
Marilyn Dalrymple and Joan Foor
Where's Ezra? A children's story about being and having friends.
Marilyn Dalrymple, author; Leslie Duffey, Illustrator
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Hi Gang.............

I would guess I am not the only one who wonders where they are going.

I have a regular "day job" as a Manager of the Tool/Hdwr. Dept at Lowe's.
(28 years of Tools at Sears...8 Years of Tools at Lowe's)

I started to learn photography and playing the guitar when I was around 12.

I have not always completely kept up with either
vocation but they have always been part of me.

In 1989 I started in business as  Prof. Photographer.
(a side line to my day job)

For a few years I played in a Folk/Rock Trio.
(I played acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, mandolin and sang)

While in that Trio I would often tell the audience that I was...

A Photographer pretending to be a Musician.....
Not a Musician pretending to be a Photographer.

Now I find my self in a Trio playing Classic Rock/Country.
And I just bought a Steel Guitar.

Friday night I have a rehearsal with the Trio.

Saturday Morning I have a Photo Shoot.

Sometimes I have the feeling that I am a Musician.
Sometimes I feel that I am a Photographer.

I have more than a small degree of talent as either.

Maybe I should have been born twins.............

Or triplets while at my day job.


R.E. Baker Photography

Feed a Cat...
Starve a Fever.....

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