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The PhotoForum members' gallery/exhibit space was updated April 14, 2012. Authors with work now on display at: include:

              Emily L. Ferguson - looking down at Drake's Estero
This is a nice cliffs and sea picture forever popular with photographers and tourists. I have taken a lot like it but it is a mystery why humans find it attractive. It must be someting in our evolutionary history. I like the diagonal line from top right to the second third... I do not have a clue why but it might be to do with my visual processing unit.
              Ashley Simmons -
Pop stars are always attractive that is why they are stars and it is no mystery why humans find other humans attractive for if we did not there would be no human race.... I like the moodiness of the composition and the dark tones make a good image. It is a good photograph.
              John Retallack -
I historic image. A man and his collection. I will go out of the world with less than I can into.
              Jim Snarski - Survivor
He? Probably won't survive much longer. That is nature.
              Christopher Strevens - untidy
It is awful - I have given up. I live on my own now and that is what happens.
              Bob McCulloch - Sunrise over Brooklyn
I cannot see any sign of Brooklyn apart from two tall buildings on the left. I thought Brooklyn was a city of towers.... but I do not know. It looks like mud flats with trees behind. Yet another sunrise.... I like sunrises too and sun sets provided I have a place to go at night. Sunrise is nice because it brings warmth and life but .... life's not always nice.
              Michael Hughes - Holding the gate for Spring
What a lovely idea....
              Trevor Cunningham - grenadine
A bit boring really.... all grey and blurred.

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