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 Re: Film is not dead

I cannot but react to the headline - "Film is not dead" It IS. Kodak is dead, Ilford is dead, Polaroid is dead - or all nearly are. R.I.P. Digital has won, get used to it guys. Embrace the dark side. No more stinky chemicals, stains in the bath, no more Kodachrome, Prof. Ektachrome E100VS, E100G, Elite Chrome Extra Color 100 - exeunt omnes.

May well be that the seething masses (and others) enjoy the convenience of digital, just as they once enjoyed the convenience of 35mm cameras. I do recall seeing 4x5's and other peculiar formats being used by those that chose quality over convenience even during the heyday of 35mm.

Film may well be dead to the masses and I very much lament the loss of some of the film companies - particularly Konica, the oldest of them all, but Rollei were smart realizing they had a niche they comissioned the production of films, papers and chemicals to sell under the Rollei badge.

They'll never be The World's Number One Top Seller of cameras and we wont be hanging off the quarterly units shipped figures and market share stats but hey..

film is still with us.

"Vinyl is DEAD" (1980's)

(RCA) "Overall record sales in the U.S. had crashed from a high of $105.6 million in 1921 to $5.5 million in 1933, due to competition from radio and the effects of the Great Depression."

"Vinyl Record Sales Jump 55% in the UK" -2011

"Sales of vinyl records increase for the sixth straight year" -2012

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