Re: Film is not dead! 35 Foot Camera uses film the size of a person

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Could be a focal plane shutter just behind the lens, or would this raise other problems? In his computer images the lens appears to be about 2 ft in diameter. Can one purchase negative film the size he's suggesting? And handling it? Wow!

You can buy film that wide and I'm guessing processing it shouldn't be as difficult as one might first think, the roll could be advanced, dropping the film down into a bath feeder of the dev, wash/stop, fix and final wash.. Given the cost per sheet I'd imagine the minute cost of chemicals could even permit dev straight to fix then wash. He might waste $1 worth of acetic acid and thiosulfate, but eh - hardly here or there.

Well I've painted the hull of my boat, gone shopping, washed the car, run the ferrets and started cooking dinner.. and I'm still not in the mood to work out the aperture he'd be shooting at!

I'd guess like you Roger, the shutter is do-able as a roller shutter behind the lens. but at 1000th of a second that slit is going to be pretty narrow and will introduce diffraction softening .. unless it gets up a fair head of steam before the slit passes the back of the lens then it could be wider.

He could also do it with LCDs but that would drop his light levels even more. Another way could be venetian blind style shutter blades that sort of do this

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