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Dan writes:
Members may be interested to know that I have just used a pack of Polaroid 1200 instant film in a Polaroid "Image Pro" camera - and found it still yielding good pictures. The pack expiry date is 10/08, and if the stamping on each picture is a guide, it was actually made in 2007. The inbuilt battery still works, and the color balance is still typically Polaroid !

This for a film-pack which has lain in a drawer inside my house for at least 2 years, and not in a refrigerator. I don't know if this is unusual, but it does seem to indicate a film pack could be usable long after the printed expiry date. Alas I have only a few more original Polaroid packs in a refrigerator, the very last of the line.

nice! Have you any of the positive/negative film lying about? I found that to have one of the bost beautiful color responses and tonal ranges of all B&W films..

I had some b&W polaroid film dated 1968 which performed quite acceptably when I used it in the late 90's - somewhere in the house I still have some, along with some colour similarly dated - the colour film was not so brilliant with most of the chemical satchels having gone hard


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