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The PhotoForum members' gallery/exhibit space was updated March 10, 2012. Authors with work now on display at: include:

                  Bob McCulloch - Morning Ride 	
                  Bob Sull - Hot at work 	
                  Jim Snarski - Perched 	
                  John Palcewski - Vittoria 	
                  Ken Sinclair - When is supper?
                  Howard Leigh - Peter 	
                  Sherie Taylor - The Wave 	
                  Don Roberts - Temple Detail 	
                  Michael Hughes - Proud Father and Happy Daughter 	
                  Christopher Strevens - Just Sitting

In waiting: Leigh, Ferguson and Talbot. 

Consider contributing!! There is a FREE chocolate bar for a new exhibitor!

Contributors! Find instructions at:

To participate in this activity send your contributions early and anything you can do to prepare the photographs so they do not require additional adjustment would be much appreciated. Especially keeping them near 100Kb in maximum size. Please take an extra minute to abide by this request but if you have doubts about how to prepare images just send them anyway and the capable gallery staff will adjust them for exhibition.

From: Palomita

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