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Thanks Chris - I found it on Wikipedia under a page called Super_CCD. IF the article is correct Fuji appear to have discontinued the idea after around 2005. I used to have a Fuji F10 which produced amazingly noise free images up to around 400 ISO, though it had poor macro and zoom range.
Which model did you get by the way?


On 4 March 2012 11:18, Christopher Strevens <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It is to do with averaging adjacent pixels to make an extra one in between. Fuji brought it out with the first finepix camera and advertised it as 24 MPix but a court action made them rate it at 12 MPix because that was the real number. They got the idea from the way the optic nerve carries more data to the brain through its 1 million nerve bundle from the retina with more pixels by combing several. I am unsure of its algorithm – something to do with sums and differences.


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Hi Chris - I'm puzzled! I've not heard of effective pixel doubling. Which Fuji did you buy? (I thought Fuji allowed you to combined adjacent pixels to effectively produce bigger pixels and so reduce noise. Thus my HS20 which I use when out and about because of its powerful zoom, I leave set to 8 mp instead of its official rating of 16 mp. This is done through the HS20's EXR settings menu.)



On 4 March 2012 10:43, Christopher Strevens <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I bought a new camera yesterday. It is another Fuji digital compact. I dropped to old one and broke the casing but it still worked. I had it several years. They old one was over 300 GBP but the new one, which is better, was 50 GBP. So marches technology. It claims 16 MPix and with the Fuji pixel doubling system that counts as 32 MPix. I will be sending in an image later today because I took some snapshots of my 99 year old mum in the care home yesterday.




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