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01 - Most SLRS or DSLRs use focal plane shutters.

17 - 'tail flash' occurs when the majority of the exposure happens before the flash goes off.  So to simulate this effect by using a relatively slow shutter speed and open flash manually triggered.

18 - this pattern could be made by a tiny light suspended on a string and swung as on a pendulum with the camera shutter speed being quite slow in a darkened room.  

28 - this is an example if stress visualization in the plastic by using polarized light.

29 - Any large first surface reflector can be used to polarize light.  Just reflect the light at an angle from the reflector on to the desired object.

30 - a lens from a simple, no-prescription pair of sunglasses will do.  A piece of cellophane will do as well.


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On Feb 25, 2012, at 8:39 PM, Andrew Davidhazy <andpph@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> I just prepared an exam for a "Special Effects" (no computer generated ones) 
> class I am currently wrapping-up designed primarily for non technology students 
> such as advertising, fine art, biomed, visual media, etc. Basically "mathphobics". ;)
> You can see a "teaser" with 6 questions at the link shown below. 
> If you would like the full version write to me personally instead of this list but 
> you have to promise not to divulge its contents at least for next few days. 
> Also, if you happen to be in the class congrats! but you don't get any more 
> than these 6!
> Unfortunately no answers are included but I guess individual questions could
> be discussed on this list. As well as suggestions for improvements.
> My email address for requests will be andpph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and with the 
> word EXAM in the subject line.
> Andy

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