Re: Member's exhibit on 02-18-12

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Dan Mitchell - Snow path  This is an interesting scene that would
profit greatly were it  in focus with a lot of depth of field.   As it
is, the soft edges contradict the hardness of the scene.

Sherie Taylor - Sunrise  The slight tilt of the horizon is just a bit
distracting, and I'd be inclined to punch up saturation and contrast.
 But then I suppose that would take away from the early morning haze.

Emily Ferguson- breaking up  I assume these are ice floes on a lake or
river but the overall gray tone suggests a photomicrograph of the
cells in an onion skin.  Nice abstract.

John Retallack -  Having extremely low social needs, I can't imagine
myself up in the wilderness of Michigan, locked up in a cabin with a
bunch of guys like this.  But I assume a good time was had by all.
Excellent photoshop combo.

Bob McCulloch - Goldenrod    Despite the abundance of vegetation this
seems strangely lifeless and static.  Nothing's going on.  There is a
flatness to the light, minimizing contrast.

Michael Hughes - A belated Valentine from La Belle France   Verrrry
naughty!   You risk offending people with this sort of thing!   Shame
on you!

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