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Maybe we should all have a buy Lea a beer night somewhere.  We learned as much from the question as you did.

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Subject: project support...thank you
From: Lea Murphy <lea@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, February 15, 2012 6:45 pm
To: List for Photo/Imaging Educators - Professionals - Students

You guys are the best, best, best. I had a hunch I'd learn some great things from you and I have.

Tina, when I read your email first thing after posting my plea for help I felt better immediately! My paltry 70,000 images pale in comparison to what you're tackling. AND you're scanning yours. Holy cow. If we lived closer I'd buy you a beer. Or 30. And thank you for your excellent suggestions of editing via ratings. That was hugely helpful. The good thing, at least as I see it now, is that there is almost eight years of time between my first images of Rachel and now so I should have a somewhat objective eye about the older images. I hope. Thank you. Thank you.

Michael, yes, I suspect you're right that I might be my own worst enemy in looking at the discards though I must say that editing for my business (also children's portraits) has helped me be more ruthless in my editing. Thank you.

David. Edit like a plane rather than a table saw. Brilliant. That will serve me well and I thank you for it.

Emily, I like your idea of making the project 'chunkable.' That helps make it more manageable in my head. And this, this was invaluable: The images aren't just about the kids' growth. They're inevitably also about yours. Just like them, you cannot ungrow, so do not be ashamed/embarrassed about the images from the beginning that are not as satisfying as those from the end. Thank you.

Nathan, wading through in several passes is great advice and ties into David's suggestion of working like a plane rather than a table saw. I don't have a goal in mind as far as numbers of images I want to end up goal is to end up with as many good prints as are there to be made from the work I've shot. That may change over time but I don't see this as a numbers project right now. Unless it's a really high one! Thank you.

Mark, your anecdote about the steel mills was spot on. Simply having so much work to wade through makes this task a mountain from the outset and I don't want to lose focus and energy on getting it completed and in print form for the kids. And for me and all I'll learn along the way. Thank you.


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