RE: Members photographs on 11 FEB 2012

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Title: RE: Members photographs on 11 FEB 2012
On 2/13/12 8:03 PM, Gregory Fraser wrote:

Would it have killed you to put that in the title of the photo?  By the way was the chopper the Raven I or Raven II?


Raven II. It was my first time in one. I’ve flown in Bell Jet Rangers many times but this was a first for me. It was brand new and it was lovely. I suppose it wasn’t as fast as the BJR but it didn’t matter because we had one door off anyway and couldn’t fly very fast. It was also a bit windy but the pilot was pretty good. Some chopper pilots are better than others for knowing how to fly a photographer. My favorite is the guy I use in New Zealand. Flying with him is like having the camera mounted to a crane. He is smooth and has a great sense of what I am seeing. He gets involved and has great ideas for camera moves as well. I like that.


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