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On 1/28/12 11:22 PM, Andrew Davidhazy wrote:
The PhotoForum members' gallery/exhibit space was updated 28 JAN, 2012. Authors with work now on display at:  include

Emily Ferguson - waiting at Logan 	
Tonality and composition for the monochrome image are spot on. A vision of comfort in any airport is always welcoming. The fact that one chair is empty throws it all off for me. But this is likely the disproportionate amount of time I spend in airports. I suppose this image speaks to the solitude of travel today. It's so easy to disconnect yourself when in transit.

Lea Murphy - Bloch Museum interior detail, Kansas City
Nice abstract. Nice composition. Fullish range of tones in another monochrome image for this week's gallery. For me it's too static...I'm not getting anything from it.

Sherie Taylor - Venice Pier Sunset
Nice shot, I would have cloned out the green lens flare, though the other ones are tolerable considering the angle. Venice Beach? This image would have been helped by the addition of a junkie laid out in the wet sand.

Trevor Cunningham - rise of the planet

Dan Mitchell - Cloisters
Durham? Well exposed. Not sure how the steps and the old-age-pensioner were intended to fit in the image. I might have waited, god knows how long, for the man with the cane to exit the image and moved forward several feet to minimize interruption of location context...but that's me. Does that even make sense? Unless you're making a new/old statement, which I don't believe this image attempts, this seems random or rushed.

Bob McCulloch - Morning Fire
Whenever sunrises or sunsets are the subject, and the foreground is included in the image, I cannot help but be reminded of how impossible it is to capture such a moment of beauty.

John Palcewski - Darkroom/Bedroom 1998
Still life and fantasy...are photographers really so boring?

Andrew Davidhazy - White noise
Your note makes me think of the phrase "He's forgotten more ways to kill a man than you can think of." I imagine it's nice to feel your images stand on their own without explanation.

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