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    Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 16:58:04 -0500
    From: Bob <w8imo@xxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Looking for a bargain?
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This lens is for sale.....


Money can't buy happiness--- Butsomehow it's more comfortable to cry
in a Porsche than a Kia.

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Glad my Epis 1000mm/f3.5 and 1300mm/4.8 are not that heavy/inconvenient to handle....:))

(although both the Large Lecture Hall Epidiascope's behind them exceed this Elmer-Perkin's 200lbs by at least a factor 4....8-)) (and another 400lbs for the 380v->110v oil-cooled transformator,feeding its 4+1x 1500W or 6+1x 1000W lightbulbs) (but then again, most of these projectors came factory with 4 wheels....though a set of *steering* wheels was again totally optional....8-)) (also meaning that those without *any* wheels (cast into a concrete fundament!) were all scrapped in recent decades, AFAIK....of those, only some of the upper Diascope units survived, sometimes even only the lenses (yet sometimes not even those, as I learned last year from a case in Austria; sick government policy, mandatory destruction, no sale to public....8-((((

(still looking for a complete Roentgen version of that projector, with a Diascope 'under-table' that allows slide projection up to A4-size....the regular Diascope only covers 9x12cm/4x5"....:))

(years ago, I did manage to find the condensor lens of that beast, about 55cm diameter....but again, the rest of the projector was already scrapped, about a decade before, so no chance of finding any further remaining/complimentary parts....:(( (sometime later, I missed the opportunity to score another of those condensors, so my ultimate plan to use 2 together for stereo-projection of 6x24cm panorama-slides went uo in smoke, for the foreseeable future....;((

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