PF members' exhibit on 21-01-12

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Distinguished Forum Members,

Here are my brief thoughts on this week's exhibit at

Bob McCulloch - Rondout Reservoir Tree 

There is a strange green cast that diminishes the impact on my psyche. Perhaps a quick run through Photoshop or similar program would add to the interest. The tree is cut with a strange (to me) framing. It seems incomplete. I wonder where Rondout Reservoir is?

John Palcewski - Naked Cowboy 

Interesting, well exposed photo of an exhibitionist who should be somewhat cold in that slightly less than naked (but legal) outfit...if the clothing of the bystanders is any indication of the ambient temperature. Excellent street photography.

Marilyn Dalrymple - Wheel on Wall 

Interesting composition, but the picture is rather small and difficult to evaluate or appreciate. I think I would have exposed for the highlights, but this is an interesting interpretation. Didn't you have several wonderful shadow images on the forum several years ago?

Sherie Taylor - Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple 

Pretty, but it seems somewhat underexposed. Like McCulloch's image, it probably could tolerate a quick run through Photoshop.

Christopher Strevens - The new construction 

That looks like a BIG capacitor and uninsulated wire. Please be careful so you don't get hurt.

Trevor Cunningham - billie 

And a proud papa you should be. It does not appear that this condition will be lasting much longer. Maybe I need to check my monitor, as this picture also seems just a bit underexposed and perhaps slightly off-color (photographically-speaking only).

Thanks to all who contributed today to help make my day just a bit happier. Thanks also to Andy, Angelica and anyone else who helped put the forum together today.


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