Re: Lightroom 4 beta is out

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Subject: Re: Lightroom 4 beta is out

Adobe has a cheaper program called Elements. A number of people in the
local photoclub use it and the latest program Elements 7 can do much about 75%
of what Photoshop 7.0 does and even has feature PS7 doesn't. This is where
Adobe  thinks the Photoshop people who don't upgrade will go.   Adobe is
thinking that Photoshop should become a subscription type thing. As  stuff
migrates to the cloud this is the model software program makers believe will
happen (although Photoshop is one of the few program that won't migrate
completely because of access speed to the net will limit it).

that's a good point about subscribed use, and thinking about it (and the post Photoshop 7 'phone home' component in PS that checked the validity of the licence) it wouldm't actually be that difficult for Adobe to migrate to a web dependent version. Core elements could be installed with no problems and calls could be made to the web for ongoing components to be delivered as the user interacts with the program.

No big leap really from World of Warcraft.. the client installation is in a folder which can be copied anywhere, used on any machine with no limitations, as long as the user logs in. Once logged in data is fed to them as needed (in the case of WoW, other players interactions) . Abobe could promote the 'go anywhere, use on any machine, anywhere in the world' nature of the software suite and people would lap it up.

Of course it would be bugged, the Adobe servers would go offline once a week for maintenance, people would log onto the forums and complain, but they'd still keep playing.. er, paying.. er, using the software. If they used a model such as this they wouldn't need to host image data.


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