Re: Lightroom 4 beta is out

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On Sat, January 14, 2012 12:23, Lea Murphy wrote:
Actually, due to customer complaints Adobe is honoring their usual upgrade
policy for older versions of PS going back to CS3 and CS4. They say this
is the last time they'll do it, though.

You can read more about it here:

Which means I still have to upgrade this time, or live with CS5 forever.

Or find an alternative that's not from Adobe.

I really think it's stupid of Adobe to go this far out of their way to
create a large class of customer who wants nothing more than a viable
alternative.  I wonder if they'll be a major player in 10  years?

Corel's pint Shop Pro is a heck of a lot cheaper, has been getting some very positive reviews and also handles vector graphics for those who dabble in such things - something Photoshop should have implemented right at the start. Actually it's always been a viable alternative to Adobe, but that 'industry standard' label was applied to Photoshop pretty early on and it stuck.

$79 isn't bad :)

I haven't seen the latest incarnation but one quibble that keeps coming up is 'cluttered menus'. I'd be keen to hear what any photographer who uses the program thinks of this.. Reviews from non-users or non-power users often mistake heavy duty functionality for clutter ;)


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