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I am confused, but then again that is hardly a breaking news. How does memory leak?

programs use memory, unfurling themselves from the hard drive to RAM, then they work with objects or data.. whether they put this used data .. or even themselves .. away properly when they're done with a block of memory or simply 'loose' it (thus leaving the memory block full of junk) comes down to good programming. A decent program should be able to open an infinite number or objects and tuck them away when they're done and still leave the computer feeling as crisp as when it was first turned on.

Adobe have had a <ahem> reputation with leaking memory across the years. The 'thrashing' that the article refers to is when all the RAM is effectively used and the computer has to load and unload data from the swapfile (an artificial 'ram' on th hard drive which acts as a ram repository when the buffers are filled.). I loathe such bad programming and will avoid it like the plague. Generally if they've mucked up something so basic you can guarantee that there's a lot more wrong under the hood as well.

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 Even with huge amounts of ram, a memory leak can eat the lot. Over the
 years Adobe have often had issues with their programs and memory leaks so
surely they're aware of the problems, a shame they've never managed to nail
 down the issue and solve it once and for good


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 I don't think it's a ram issue. I have 22 gigs.


 On Jan 13, 2012, at 3:54 PM, Emily L. Ferguson wrote:

 > Outta RAM. Either empty the cache or force quit and restart. LR is a big
 > RAM hog. Has been since the first beta.
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