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I just spent an hour on it. Requires gobs of RAM, the book module is there, but I like a lot more control - use InDesign. I could not figure out how to get to a Warp or Transform tool to correct parallax on a lighthouse I shot last night. None of the canned web site slideshows has forward and back arrows for clicking except tiny little ones at the bottom of the image, nor do they permit one to click on the image and be taken to the next (like Facebook), nor keyboard arrow-key support for control of them. Sigh.

And still, the sliders to control the development are soooo tiny and their track is soooo short. As far as I could tell I could not use Undo to undo a develop change, nor would Esc. get me out of a change. I had to go correct the number because the slider track is so tiny I can't put the slider back where I want it even with the trackball, or go into the history and backtrack.

And I have a 22" monitor.

I guess I still don't get the Lightroom excitment.
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