FD mount to digital

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Not the *perfect* solution, but one I think a lot of diehards with manual lenses will like..

As we all know camera makers of yore made cameras. Lens makers surprisingly made lenses.. and both of these makers did what they did quite well.

Then some camera makers decided to add a proprietary mount and make their own lenses to fit.. either some smarty-pants business type individual wanting to increase profits - or maybe to ensure their camera did the best job and by controlling the lenses that could be used ensured fewer dud results from their camera range.

Lope back to the present and we're stuck with piles of great lenses that cannot be used on modern cameras without nasty adapters with additional glass degrading the optics. Well, .. Pentax and Nikon users don't have these issues to quite the same extent, but we Canon users do.

The plan to butcher a modern DSLR to accept FD lenses was preferable to me than butchering my nice lenses to fit the new mount, but still that would involve a fair investment and some cameras to be sacrificed to the r'n d.

I ideally would prefer a full frame sensor but I'll take what I can, and this looks like the one I'll be taking:


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