Re: Back up plan Light room and photos

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Chris writes:
I do not make backups now and the virus destroyed all my data including my image files except those that are on the web page. I no longer back them up because when I did I had the problem that after loosing my data the backup did not restore….



 I used a backup program like the windows one once..




Now I use backup a program that simply synchronize / copy the files (Synback) - so they exist uncompressed, in exactly the same file structure as if I'd copied and pasted them to another drive.  I certainly understand people's reluctance to use a backup utility that requires a restore   ...    I'd actually forgotten that such programs existed!  I know some can be set to compress to various levels but again with hard drives being so cheap I'd rather lose space and maintain file integrity than have a program render my data into a format that's difficult to access.


The other beauty of copying style backups is the ability to set exclusions, specific filetypes, wildcards, date or size comparisons and rename options in a set-and-forget manner, but with a clear visual indication within the backup programs interface as to precisely what is being backed, when and how.


My advice is to steer clear of programs that do not simply copy unless you're doing a mirror (in which case it's a bit by bit data dump)


Set as a background task they just quietly chug away in the background copying unless I interact with the computer, whereupon like any good servant they quietly step to the side and wait patiently until I'm done then they resume.



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