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Data… Data/.


Chop! You have lost your processing unit and your data is corrupt.


Sorry but this is a bit off topic but it is about my photography….


And when the police came to remove data and break the computer I did have a backup hidden in a cupboard but the authorities were so nasty about the photos and videos I had that I destroyed them also. They were images of unspeakable British atrocities in the UK. And a flying saucer.  Some people have been beheaded by our Queen for photographing flying saucers or aliens. However my “saucer” could have been a balloon over the industrial estate nearby or a local government reconnaissance drone. The others were of paralysed naked men and women being thrown into a garden incinerator and burned alive. I also took pictures of naked, paralysed people being taken in a fish wheelbarrow to the crematorium. They paralyse them by cutting the brain off at the brain stem with a knife through the side of the head. Some of these terrible images made it to amnesty international and the international court at The Hague but the British authorities just ignored their guilty verdict and said the court had no jurisdiction over Britain. The same court found me not guilty of a crime that I was unaware that I had been charged. I was detained in the same death camp but the royals said I was not to be injured so they gave me toxic injections instead and as a result of the four years of “treatment” I have shrunk about four inches in height. They do not call them “Shrinks” for nothing. This is being done for heresy, blasphemy or treason. The IRA went that way and some American astronaughts because the British religion states “space means nothing so you cannot fly through it”. The moon landing did not take place because the moon is a lantern put their be God to light the night so you cannot go there. And so forth… I was declared mad in 1952 and brained for saying Tesla’s engine worked. I was ten at the time. My Uncle Arthur got similar treatment because he made a child’s electric car powered by one… I suffered similar assault for believing evolution, alien life, stars, life on mars…. And so forth. When I visited the Tower of London I photographed a couple of beheadings in the garden just outside the curtain wall of the fortress. I think they were on the web at one time but my copy went with all the cyber attacks on my pc and the virus. I recently photographed a man in an old peoples home being leucotomised with a pen-knife by a young care worker. They made a deeper cut later and I photographed the scar. He was a happy inventor before his murder but now he sits and dribbles and calls his carers liars (which they are) mum has been brained like this several times to keep her quiet so she pulls faces at the carers. Britain is not nice so stay away… By the way I have “recovered” from this atrocity several times as had mum. I think we must grow new brains… These photos are still there I believe but I have not checked for a while.


That is one use of photography… To provide evidence of crimes committed. Unfortunately, in this care the criminals are in power and so appoint the judges and so far their has been no successful case proved by these merchants of death – “doctors”. Mum was a poet just before the knife went through her brain, after a babbling imbecile. I have seen it done to a high school graduate about to enter university but after the surgeons quick flick of the leucotome he just grinned and rolled his eyes and dribbled and another 18 year old genius was carried away by his disappointed and bitter mum in a pram as a babbling dribbling imbecile from the hospital where they cut out his brain…. What is going on?


I did photograph a murder in a church once. It was part of the ceremony. They do them quite often. Some are on TV. I am badly injured by priests… The scars they inflicted actually seems to make me more attractive – I do not know why. Something to do with “Macho Man” but I can hardly walk as a result of a heart attack precipitated by a pin wound to my chest from a Christian. They murdered my wife too and they try to blame me… and so forth.


I was in a hospital, not ten miles away, where they do prostates… and met a demented man who raved and grinned. I happy young nurse said that the doctor had decerebrated him because he saw aliens. I just cowered away… I should have photographed him too. I saw this done to a man who came to the casualty ward saying the aliens had given him a message that is vitally important to the human race, and chop! They had his brain out straight away. Some is babbling mad….


I am only just still around myself.


Who is mad? Us or Them?


Dr Chris.


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Well the reason I have been doing DNG is that raw files are proprietary and at some point a particular version of camera raw may not be supported.  DNG likely will be at least for the immediate future and it also is a raw file. I wonder if any remembers the D30 and D60 from Canon.  Are those raw files still supported?  I got on the train with the 10D and don't know if they used the same raw files as the 10D.  Notices its the D30 not the 30D and same for the 60.  I so wanted one of those D30s that were $2500 or so for a 3 mp camera.  lol

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I now shoot everything raw so of course those are archived.


I use the Photo>Edit in>Photoshop command to do work to my personal images (those that will be manipulated further in PS, typically in my case they are converted to bw). This allows me to save the image back to LR with LR tracking the location of the image, it also keeps layers intact if I reopen it in PS. These are exported as psd files and they are archived.


My work images are exported as psd files nested within the client folder holding the raw files.


I guess, in thinking about it, everything I shoot that is not deleted upon editing in Lightroom is archived because my personal work and my work work are all backed up using Super Duper.


Yes, it's a lot of data but it's easier for me knowing it's all there than trying to figure out what to back up and what not to back up.


I don't do anything with dng. I do raw or psd, jpg for what goes on the web.


I have no clue what we'll be doing in 20 years. Most of us are just trying to get on board with now!





On Dec 28, 2011, at 9:46 AM, mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

What files types do you archive?  Historically I have saved the original raw file, a jpg, and a DNG.  DNG has been around long enough now that I am considering not saving a jpg.   For a while I was saving tiffs that were uncompressed, but that really did fill up a hard drive in a hurry.  Of course then the files we started with were much smaller as well.


I wonder how we will be archiving files in 20 years and how much of what we are saving now will be readable then?


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