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There probably is a way to assign a drive, but even then if a computer when down it still might be more of a problem than its worth.  IF I just leave them plugged in, and this is a desktop so its not like its mobile, it should be minimal.  A real pain when it happens, but not too often.

Actually all my work is staying on external drives.  I am trying to keep that computer operating system as clean and clutter free as possible.  Lots of stuff seems to be finding its way into the OS these days that I would really rather not have there, but probably not worth the trouble or time to figure out how to get rid of it.  Sometimes that I have found causes more problems than it helps.

If one drive goes bad, its simply a matter of going to get another drive to replace it, move the old back up drive to the work drive.  Duplicate the work drive on the new backup drive.  When the smallest one is filled, retire them both.  Copy them on to new drives if its practical from a storage point, but as the cost of memory drops it probably won't be a big deal.

I think I am covered, but I always like to tap smarter minds than mine.
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Subject: Re: Back up plan Light room and photos
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Date: Tue, December 27, 2011 10:19 am
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If you duplicate your working drive on to new external drive then you will get all the files needed for Lightroom ( I'm assuming your photo only computer has everything on the C drive).
In Windows XP I know you can permanently assign letters to drives except for C (and probably A and B).
In Windows 7  I don't know if one can.  Windows 7 lists drives with OS on them as OS (C) and OS(F) and I have to check the size to see which one is C since one drive is 1T and the other is 2T.   What I have done on my XP computer is to create a folder that appears first on the drive that ids it e.q.   AAA 80 Gig Maxtor so I always can check what drive I'm on. When duplicating whole drives you have to create the folder each time you duplicate it.

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