Re: Back up plan Light room and photos

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If you duplicate your working drive on to new external drive then you will get all the files needed for Lightroom ( I'm assuming your photo only computer has everything on the C drive).
In Windows XP I know you can permanently assign letters to drives except for C (and probably A and B).
In Windows 7  I don't know if one can.  Windows 7 lists drives with OS on them as OS (C) and OS(F) and I have to check the size to see which one is C since one drive is 1T and the other is 2T.   What I have done on my XP computer is to create a folder that appears first on the drive that ids it e.q.   AAA 80 Gig Maxtor so I always can check what drive I'm on. When duplicating whole drives you have to create the folder each time you duplicate it.

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