Phototourism experiences (was Re: A Christmas Gallery)

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Thanks for sharing that Peeter. This got me thinking. I know that I have traveled a fair bit and try to take advantage of the photo opportunities it offers me, but I never really gave any attention to package tours or dedicated travel that wasn't self-designed. Now, married with children, my attitude is changing and I can see the value of package tours et al. I know a Google search would turn up loads of phototourist sites, but I'd like to pick the experience from the forum:

 * What have been some of the best package tours you've been on?
 * What made them good?
 * What should someone looking for a tour be on the lookout for to be

On 12/23/11 1:49 AM, Peeter Vissak wrote:

Dear all,

There is a brand new photogallery for Christmas by Estonian Nature Tours, put up today, also a blog page. Being a nature tour guide there some of the gallery pics are taken by YHS.
Take 15 minutes off and have a look!

Happy Solstice!

Peeter Vissak

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