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From the look of the weather reports you will be ice cold, Herschel.  And knee deep as well. 

On 12/19/11 10:07 AM, Herschel Mair wrote:
In response to this challenge, I submit my non-photographic greeting card with the true origins of the American Christmas iconography
Eat drink and be merry but not ice cold.



On 12/19/11 8:09 AM, Andrew Davidhazy wrote:
hey - you are interfering with free enterprise.  Is not Canada part of the NAFTA? Photographic images are part of that treaty no? Besides photojournalism just reports the facts and nothing but the facts commercialism notwithstanding. Besides on top of that Hidden Valley Ranch dressing is good stuff used in moderation.  It can even be used as a preservative of overexposed B&W Tri-X negatives.

Admittedly the container was put there on purpose along with the glass of wine (promoting heavy drinking - NY State is a producer of wine - competing with Canada of course). But I digress. From my POV it would really be interesting to see what products could be included in greeting cards that explicitly or subliminally promote something or other be it a product or an emotion. Australian geese for example.

Wow! the power of the photographic image!! amazing!! unbelievable!!

Andy from 43 N 77 W

On Dec 19, 2011, at 8:03 AM, Gregory Fraser wrote:

I would just like to request that there be no further greeting cards with product endorsements for Hidden Valley Ranch dressing or any other products. You should be ashamed.


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