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I suppose I should try to stop making a “point” in my photographs. Religion is nasty. People go to war over this. I think – foolishly. Remember: if you photograph a place of worship it is a memorial to conflict. I am appalled as I discover religious history and the fate of my friends and relatives who have fallen victim to this dragon. It is religious conflict that got me into detention and my money taken. It is definitely mud with boot scratches. I have asked for police protection but if Kosovo is anything to go by they will join in. I recall that in Kosovo the Christians stole Moslems’ houses and the Police machine gunned civilians who had requested protection. I have a friend “Kosova” who survived the conflict there and took refuge in Britain and then in my home. She has now disappeared – last heard of in the detention centre where I was held and I saw examples of her drawings exhibited there. I am home now but I am threatened with having my income stopped and being made homeless by Christians. Religion is evil. So I document events by photographs if I can. However, jealousy comes into it. And hate!


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Would it not be simpler to treat all exhibits as they might be displayed in a gallery , that is, the image, the title and the author, with an e mail address.


This way those of us who prefer to imagine the scenario that led to the photo, or its aftermath are free to do so, and those who wish to find out what the photographer had in mind at the time can ask - off list.



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