Don't take it for granted

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As photographers we put a premium on sight.  We see things others don't.  We preserve things for others to remember.  We document the lessons of history in the hopes that future generations are not doomed to repeat them.

Yet don't forget to enjoy the moment.  This week I found out the wife likely has a form of Wet Age related Macular degeneration.  She may be looking at an injection in the eye once a month for life.  I am really hopeful the Affordable Care act is overturned because she would be the type that would be too expensive for many to consider it worth the cost for her to keep the sight in that eye.  Yes I have read all 2200 pages and the rationing board IS in there.  I am very worried she would be one of the first deemed too expensive to keep treating.

Some how right now, backing up Lightroom doesn't seem like such a big deal.  Yet I am going to try to get her to a really nice holiday light display.  Yet in a way its a good lesson.  Never take tomorrow for granted.  Take pictures with your camera, but also take them with your mind.  That needs no laptop, no hard drive, and can be accessed in an instant.

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