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It's not a single drive that's backing up.  Over the years its several smaller drives that backs up the larger drive.  Drives generally relate to general time periods, but I only have one drive large enough to hold all the contents and that's the one I am using with Lightroom.  I probably could back it up on the computer drive for a while, but that might make everything slow down.  My reasoning is I know I am going to get new computers.  Seems to me for it to be simpler to plug the external drive in a new computer, than to transfer that many files.

Yes I back up the catalog, and you are right I need to put it in more than one placed.  To compound the problem, Lightroom lets you work with files that do not have the drive available via the preview it stores.  Even after I figure this out, how can I tell its working and not just altering a file that it thinks is on a hard drive that has went to hard drive heaven?

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Subject: RE: Lightroom back ups
From: "Emily L. Ferguson" <elf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, December 13, 2011 7:19 am
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>Can I plug another drive into Lightroom, and will it find images in
>my catalog even if its NOT the same hard drive (which melted) where
>they were located in the first place or an exact copy of the
>original drive? The file names should match, that is unless
>lightroom changed them. Yet will LR find them?

Don't you point LR to the backup drive when you set the drive up? I
assume you can simply point LR to the replacement drive.

I had a computer death and it did a job on my external drive as well,
or maybe the external drive made the problem. Anyway it was
expensive... But when I got the new computer and replacement
external drive I was able to reconstruct it from the backup DVDs
which I also make every time I have enough data.

I keep a folder on my desktop and drop everything into it until it's
full enough to burn. Then I burn 2 copies and take one to remote
storage. I use a databasing app called CDFinder to catalog each DVD
as I make it and CDFinder allows me to search on the IPTC data in any

I only use my external drive for the quick access it gives me to my
master files, but if I used LR it would then become my LR drive, the
way yours is.
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