Re: It's coming! It's coming!

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First thing to do... is throw away the mouse so that you get to use the tablet.... I have one that sits on my shelf and every now and then I plug it in and try to work with it but I'm so used to the mouse that it just takes too long to do what I want to do... and before long I'm back to using the mouse so I can get the job out before the deadline.... I admit that I've never really given it a full chance.... So that's my advice for what it's worth!

How's Riyad? Let me guess... it's a little cooler than it was a couple of months ago but still hot as hell??? - Not a lot of snow huh... Enjoy. Here it's cold enough to freeze the balls in a brass monkey!

All the best


On 12/10/11 9:07 AM, Trevor Cunningham wrote:
This summer, I bought a Wacom Intuous4 tablet with big plans to adjust my post-prod flow. When I unpacked, the pen was gone. Such a lovely piece of gear rendered useless unless I want an overpriced coaster for the coffee table. Well, the pen has arrived in Riyadh and should be on its way tomorrow. Any recommendations of what I should do first with the tablet? Huh? Huh?!

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