Greeting cards project

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Although we did not quite get the minimum number of interested members 
suggested to get the greeting card project underway PF HQ has decided to 
run the event anyway.

In order to share your year end greeting card please send it to: andpph@xxxxxxx
with the word GREET or GREETING in the Subject line of your message. 
This will allow for easy identification of contributed creations.

Let's not worry about size at this point but if you want to minimize the 
handling of the cards to be adjusted to a common format then make your 
file about 700 or so pixels in longest dimension and about 100 Kb in size.

You can add a separate text message if you wish or include it in your card.
The gallery of cards will accept contributions until December 27 or so.

Again, send to: andpph@xxxxxxx

Thank you,

Rudolph and the rest of the PF list HQ reindeer

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