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Yeah you! You will LOVE it.

I'd give up Photoshop before I'd give up Lightroom. And I like PS quite a bit.

I use a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet with LR. In my opinion it's a must. But I do this stuff all day every day so your needs may vary.

When I was learning LR I googled LR tutorials and spent a day watching them. Then I was off and running. Scott Kelby's videos are the ones I watched as well as some others. Back in the day they were free but I'm not sure if they still are. His books are really great but nothing will compare to hands-on working with the program.

I absolutely, positively would recommend you get Victoria Bampton's can be purchased as a pdf. It's my LR bible. You can buy it here:

In times of crisis she's even responded to personal emails (fun to imagine her talking to me in her British accent as I read them). She's a wealth of info. is another good resource. Matt Kozlowski is the host and he's great.

Before you dive in I would encourage you to get familiar with the difference between catalogs, collections and keywords. Determine a system that works best for you and use it. I decided on keywords because I didn't really understand the value of collections. Now that I do understand them I might have made a different choice. But, with over 70,000 images in my personal catalog (I keep business and personal in separate catalogs) I've not got the time to switch systems right now.

With all due respect to Emily (and I do respect her greatly) LR and PS are completely different beasts. LR is a digital asset management system (you can even bring video clips in if you like) while PS is image editing. They are both important but they are definitely not the same.

Good luck, have fun and please ask questions if you have them.


On Nov 30, 2011, at 9:45 AM, mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Ok  I finally did it.  I broke down and bought Lightroom.  I must have been married too long because one of the key factors was that it was $100 off at Amazon.  Gee honey it was on sale.  Even though I am major ticked at Adobe as I have gotten better customer service recently from people that were trying to steal from me.  Frankly though I am not sure I have any real choice in the matter now.  So now that I have broken down an spent the money, I am looking for some pearls of wisdom.

I am looking for some training info.  IF its anything like the past Adobe products I have received, what comes in the box is usually nearly worthless.  With Photoshop I know Scott Kelby is maybe one of the best, but is his Lightroom stuff as good as his Photoshop stuff?  Any other people I need to read?

Yet I think most of you probably have used this for years now.  Experience is often the best teacher and you probably have figured out something you find extremely valuable, and perhaps others would too.  If you would be willing to share, Id appreciate the top two or three things you have learned in Lightroom that make the program more effective or you life that much easier.  I am hoping to get  a few of those that make you stop and think, "Why didn't I think to do it that way?" moments.

Thanks for your help in advance


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