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Firstly, I assume that when you "Invert" the negative image in PS to get a positive image, you will end up with a green-blue cast

If that's the case then my suggestion is to make a "Compensating Mask"  -  Create a layer above the image and fill it with an orange color and set the blending mode to "COLOR"  then, if it's way off, use Hue and Saturation to adjust it till its really close and finally use Color balance to get it right. Finer adjustment can be made by using opacity.

Once you have the color that works. use the eyedropper to get the RGB values and save the color as a swatch.

When you make the action you simply create a layer, fill it with that color, set the blending mode to color and adjust the opacity of the layer in needed. You can then save it as a PSD file and still have the facility to make fine adjustments later.


On 11/26/11 3:25 PM, Andrew Davidhazy wrote:

Probably been discussed several times but does anyone have a brief (my attention span is not very long) tutorial or set of instructions on how color negatives copied with a digital camera can be effectively converted to digital rgb image files? - the crux of the matter (or at least one of them) is the orange color correction mask.

One suggestion that I found was to use one of the eyedroppers (white point selectinbg the thinnest part of negative) in curves in PS before inverting or inverting first and then using black point on a darkest part of image ... but initial color balance in both cases appears to be quite way off. I think I stated procedure that I followed ... but maybe not (my attention span is not very long!)

Since this would need to be done as an action to deal with a gizzillion photographs I'd need to generate something that then could be applied globally to all image files in a folder. 


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