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Pablo Coronel
After the mist:  I love it, Pablo.  Wonderful, mystical, well done.
Robert G. Earnest
Montana:  A metaphor for my life; “which way now?”
Yoram Gelman
Taconic Parkway over the Croton Reservoir:  Nice symmetry. This has a very delicate feel to it because of the reflections of the lines in the water.
D.L. Shipman
Airborne":  A beautifully captured motion shot.
John Palcewski
Gals Running:  This makes me wonder what they are running from or to.  I love the green plants.  A nice shot.
Christopher Strevens
View of Serbia:  There is a lot to look at in this photograph, and lots to think about.  It’s a bit confusing, but I think that is a plus in this case.  It makes me think.
Trevor Cunningham
eggplant:  I like this a lot.  It’s unusual, well done, simple, but interesting.
hel Mair
Girl in Church:  Confusion seems to reign where the entries to this show are concerned (or maybe it’s just me).  Technically, I think the girl is just a bit too large to fit in with the background, but you did a nice job of combining the two images.  Another thought provoking entry to this week’s gallery.
Thank you to Andy and crew for hanging the show and to those who contributed.

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Marilyn Dalrymple and Joan Foor
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