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How do you ID images on a defunct drive made after your last backup?  Do you have an app for that?

Chris Telesca

On 10/26/11 2:17 PM, PhotoRoy6@xxxxxxx wrote:
I have a separate drive for my photo data and I back it up to a mirror drive  at regular intervals so I don't have to reconstruct directories.  All I would have to do is go after the images on a defunct drive made after my last back up.
In a message dated 10/14/2011 7:32:51 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, elf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
More recently, however, I lost my entire external master file backup
to a corrupted drive directory.  I keep my master image files on a 2T
drive which is always attached.

The maker of the drive suggested I use a recovery service - $500.
The maker would replace the drive on warranty.  I had the files
backed up on DVDs both on site and remotely, at a friend's house.  It
was a toss up between shelling out for a restoration or spending 3 or
4 days rebuilding the data on the replacement drive.


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