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On Thu, October 20, 2011 21:19, Chris Telesca/Telesca Photography wrote:
> I still think digital photography sucks from the standpoint of all the
> things I love about analog (like still being able to make prints or scans
> from film older than me) compared with all the hardware and software
> needed to store and access the digital files.

Strange; I store my digital photos in smaller and much cheaper facilities
than what I need to store my analog photo collection.  And my digital
files are being much better curated -- my analog files (in the "filing
cabinet" sense) are not stored in temperature and humidity controlled
storage, so they're deteriorating constantly.  I've invested quite a lot
in archival storage materials, and in storage cabinets and such, still;
certainly more than the cost of a couple of hard drives for my digital
backups.  But if my house burns, or floods, my digital photos will
survive.  My analog photos will be lost -- except the ones that I have
scans of.

And I can certainly make prints from my negatives better and more quickly
today than I ever could in a darkroom.

> One day soon we won't even
> be allowed to store our own digital photos because everything will be
> stored on the "cloud" which someone else ultimately controls access to!

Nonsense; it's an option, not something anybody is being forced to do.

And we'll need massive improvements in bandwidth to the home before we
give it any serious consideration.

David Dyer-Bennet, dd-b@xxxxxxxx;

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