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HMMM looks like you can use the files it makes to generate 3D images.


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Amazing. Imagine carrying a couple of these matchbox sized things to a 
location shoot. I can buy a smaller car!
And shoot everything at f:2 with unlimited DOF!
I think I'll order three and put my medium format digital gear and 
lighting on Ebay
but what I can't find out from the website: Does it have a tripod 
socket? (In case I want to shoot myself) A self timer???  Can you crop 
the images? and can you make 11x14 prints?

OH NO>>> ONLY works on OSX 10.6... Intel Mac...  I'll have to finally 
buy a new computer... Sob...  My trusty and reliable G5 will have to be 
compacted with a bag full of aluminum soda cans... (The only thing worth 
anything on the open market is the value of the solid aluminum 
casing....)  Oh well. At least I won't need external hard drives cos I 
can store all my images on the Lytro website (Is that free???)

This is like George Eastman launching the brownie... You press the 
button Lytro does the rest.


On 10/20/11 9:49 AM, YGelmanPhoto wrote:
> Amazing.  Look at
> By placing the cursor onto an object in the photograph, and clicking, 
> the object pops into focus while the foreground and background go out 
> of focus appropriately.
> Not that I'd trade my dslr (yet).
>   -yoram
> On Oct 20, 2011, at 11:30 AM, Karl Shah-Jenner wrote:
>> time to lob those old style digicams in the bin, the manufacturers 
>> have a new lineup now ;)
>> must day hough, this looks kinda neat!
>> k

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