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Amazing. Imagine carrying a couple of these matchbox sized things to a location shoot. I can buy a smaller car!
And shoot everything at f:2 with unlimited DOF!
I think I'll order three and put my medium format digital gear and lighting on Ebay but what I can't find out from the website: Does it have a tripod socket? (In case I want to shoot myself) A self timer??? Can you crop the images? and can you make 11x14 prints?

OH NO>>> ONLY works on OSX 10.6... Intel Mac... I'll have to finally buy a new computer... Sob... My trusty and reliable G5 will have to be compacted with a bag full of aluminum soda cans... (The only thing worth anything on the open market is the value of the solid aluminum casing....) Oh well. At least I won't need external hard drives cos I can store all my images on the Lytro website (Is that free???)

This is like George Eastman launching the brownie... You press the button Lytro does the rest.


On 10/20/11 9:49 AM, YGelmanPhoto wrote:
Amazing.  Look at

By placing the cursor onto an object in the photograph, and clicking, the object pops into focus while the foreground and background go out of focus appropriately.

Not that I'd trade my dslr (yet).


On Oct 20, 2011, at 11:30 AM, Karl Shah-Jenner wrote:

time to lob those old style digicams in the bin, the manufacturers have a new lineup now ;)

must day hough, this looks kinda neat!


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