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I used a remote server to store my files but it became expensive so I quit.
But I forgot to send the files back to my pc so I lost the lot....!!!

You need to take the drive to a specialist data recovery company who may be
able to remove the disc from the drive and read it on a special drive.

If they know the construction they, as you say, can replace the pcb.
Samsung, the maker would be best, if it is new then it will be covered by
Samsungs warrenty.


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I have been using a SATA HDD Docking station recently.  The HDD just drops 
into it.  Latest has USB3 interface so is faster.

Advantage is 1 docking station can serve many HDDs.  So only buy the 
connection once.  If the docking unit fails then just drop the HDD into 
another.  Not so expensive.

Jim Thyer

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> Just  aheads up for those using external hard drives - I've been asked to 
> recover a small western digital passport hard drive and the prospects 
> aren't looking good.

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