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ahhh... Andrew, the photographic fundamentalist! ...lest we lose a slither of original vision. Perfectionists are a vanishing species... craftsmen and women who care for every mm of picture area. Me... I crop away with impunity, clone in missing parts, drop in a new sky, take out an obstructive car.... align lines and change angles... What a rule-less, even godless infidel I am. No respect for the medium in my photographic barbarism- tearing at the heart of the art and forcing it into servitude. Bending it's will to my own. In the end, it's only purpose is to fulfill MY vision. Whatever it takes!


On 8/15/11 1:05 PM, asharpe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
And be forced to crop the edges of the photograph? No thanks; I'd rather
have it right in camera.


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