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Re: Enums documentation "glitch"

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Resending, sent with wrong sender at first (sorry, I'll be more careful before sending with wrong e-mail address)...

Em 29/07/2012 15:48, Edson Richter escreveu:
In "CREATE TYPE" documentation, we see the following paragraph:

"Enumerated Types

The second form of CREATE TYPE creates an enumerated (enum) type, as described in Section 8.7. Enum types take a list of one or more quoted labels, each of which must be less than NAMEDATALEN bytes long (64 in a standard PostgreSQL build)."

In section 8.7 we find a conflicting statement (ok, is just 1 character, but still):

"8.7.4. Implementation Details

An enum value occupies four bytes on disk. The length of an enum value's textual label is limited by the NAMEDATALEN setting compiled into PostgreSQL; in standard builds this means at most 63 bytes."

What is the correct one: 63 or 64 bytes?



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