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question about installation

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I have the following situation.
I used a postgres installer that can choose seperate paths for the normal postgres and the data folder.
I used this because i wanted to share a database on an external hard drive between 2 computers.
I installed it on PC #1, the normal postgres files are on my D drive, the data folder and its components are on the portable F drive..
Tomorrow i will be sitting behind PC #2, how should i install it..
If i do install it the same way, won't that overwrite the existing data folder on the F drive and thus result in loss of data or a corrupt database.
Or will postgres-installation simply notice i already have a data folder there and ask if i want to share this?
Could you please guide me through the path of how to install postgresql on the 2nd computer, so that both computers share their data in the same folder..
I used postgresql 8.4

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