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Re: Weird "LIKE" behaviour

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> Sent: Friday, July 06, 2012 4:17 PM
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> Subject:  Weird "LIKE" behaviour
> Below are two queries that should be pretty much the same but with the
> first one, I'm trying to boil it down to a minimal test-case so I don't
have to
> export the table definition of dcm.providers.  The first one returns
> but at least executes the query.
> => create table foo ( foo text );
> => select * from foo where foo like 'FOO%\'
> The second one fails to execute the query...
> => select * from dcm.providers where lname like 'FOO%\'
> ERROR:  LIKE pattern must not end with escape character
> Our server is 9.1.4 and can reproduce this behaviour with either 8.4 or
> clients.

The only part of the table "dcm.providers" that should matter is the data
type of the "lname" column - which you have not provided.

David J.


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