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Re: Missing row after update

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On 06/07/2012 06:57 AM, Dinsdale wrote:
> Hi there. I am new to Postgresql but very familiar with RDBMS. We are
> running 8.4 on windows serer 2008 r2. I was updating a record through
> pgAdmin and was being an a$$ and pressed the run button multiple times
> and then the record just disappeared. Update query:
> update jaas_login set password=md5(login_name || ':' || realm_name ||
> ':Password123'), has_logged_in = false, modified=now(),
> failed_attempts=0 where login_name like 'CompanyAdmin@%';

So just to be clear the above was what was run multiple times?

> I cannot find the record at all so tried to re-insert it and the query
> just runs and runs and runs.

Select * from jaas_login where login_name like CompanyAdmin@%'; shows nothing?

What is your INSERT query?
> We thought we had backups of this DB but all we have are dump files
> and I really really don't want to have to restore if I can avoid it. I
> find it hard to believe that a db as advanced as postgresql will just
> "lose" data and there has to be some explaination for where the record
> is.

I tend to doubt it just disappeared.
> Any help would really save my butt. Thanks
> Dinsdale

Adrian Klaver

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