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Re: How to handle nested record data.

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create or replace function call_foo()
returns void as $$
declare r record;
  r := foo('Hello');
  raise notice ''% %', r.somerow, r.otherinfo;
$$ language plpgsql;



2012/5/30 yi huang <yi.codeplayer@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I'm porting a oracle function to postgresql, which has signature like this:
>   FUNCTION foo
>      ( seq IN varchar
>      , somerow OUT SomeTable
>      , otherinfo OUT varchar
>      )
> It's easy to port this function itself to postgresql, but i have problem to
> execute this function and assign the results into variables:
>   SELECT (foo(seq)).* INTO (v_somerow, v_otherinfo);
> It complains v_somerow can not be row type.
> How to handle the result of function foo?
> Best regards.
> YiHuang.

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