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Re: FATAL: lock file "" already exists

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We only use one database, not counting the
built-in template databases.  The server is
running 9.1.3.  We were running 9.1.1 until
fairly recently.

We are still getting set up to test this on
non-virtual hardware, but hope to have results
from that in a few hours or less.

From: Tom Lane <tgl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Mark Dilger <markdilger@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: deepak <>; Alban Hertroys <haramrae@xxxxxxxxx>; "pgsql-general@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <pgsql-general@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 12:23 PM
Subject: Re: [GENERAL] FATAL: lock file "" already exists

Mark Dilger <markdilger@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> We do not use tablespaces at all.

[ scratches head... ]  If you aren't using any tablespaces, there should
be only *one* pgsql_tmp directory, which makes this even more confusing.

(Unless you're using a pre-8.3 release, in which case there would be one
per database, so maybe if you've got hundreds/thousands of databases in
the cluster that would explain it.  But I sure hope you're not still
using pre-8.3, especially not on Windows.)

            regards, tom lane

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