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Re: FATAL: lock file "" already exists

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Thanks, I have put one of the other developers working on this issue, to comment.


On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 10:55 PM, Tom Lane <tgl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
deepak <> writes:
> We could reproduce the start-up problem on Windows 2003. After a reboot,
> postmaster, in its start-up sequence cleans up old temporary files, and
> this step used to take several minutes (a little over 4 minutes), delaying
> the writing of line 6 onwards into the PID file. This delay caused pg_ctl
> to timeout, leaving behind an orphaned postgres.exe process (which
> eventually forks off many other postgres.exe processes).

Hmm.  It's easy enough to postpone temp file cleanup till after the
postmaster's PID file is completely written, so I've committed a patch
for that.  However, I find it mildly astonishing that such cleanup could
take multiple minutes.  What are you using for storage, a man with an

                       regards, tom lane

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