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Re: difference in query plan when db is restored

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"John Watts" <jwatts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Anyone?

I'm still suspicious that you're not really re-ANALYZE'ing the relevant
tables, because there are some discrepancies in the row count estimates
that seem hard to explain otherwise, eg here:

         ->  Index Scan using tblcompanyindidnumber on tblcompany (cost=0.00..8.40 rows=1 width=206) (actual time=0.003..0.003 rows=0 loops=3445)
               Index Cond: (tblappliccomp.companyid = tblcompany.idnumber)


               ->  Bitmap Heap Scan on tblcompany  (cost=13.07..1774.92 rows=620 width=185) (actual time=0.013..0.013 rows=0 loops=3445)
                     Recheck Cond: (tblappliccomp.companyid = tblcompany.idnumber)
                     ->  Bitmap Index Scan on tblcompanyindidnumber (cost=0.00..12.91 rows=620 width=0) (actual time=0.011..0.011 rows=0 loops=3445)
                           Index Cond: (tblappliccomp.companyid = tblcompany.idnumber)

That might be caused by missing stats for either tblcompany or
tblappliccomp.  Or perhaps the problem is much different values of

Also, I've got to say that this does not represent good practice:

>  server_version                  | 8.3.0

You're missing eighteen minor-release updates on that server.  We don't
do minor releases just to keep ourselves amused; there are a lot of
rather significant bug fixes that you're missing, possibly including
some that affect this issue.

			regards, tom lane

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