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Re: .pgpass not working

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Rebecca Clarke <r.clarke83@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I'm having password issues with slony.
> I have roamed the net for a solution and the way to fix it is to use the
> .pgpass file or change pg_hba.conf to accept trusted connections.
> I do not want to touch the pg_hba.conf so I have generated the .pgpass file.


> The permissions is set to 600, and I have correctly inputted the details
> into .pgpass, there are no leading spaces.

> *myhostname:myport:*:postgres:mypassword*

> However I am still prompted for a password.
> I have tested pg_dump as well and it prompts also.

Hmm, you're not showing exactly how you're trying to connect, but it
might be that you need "localhost" in the first field rather than the
real machine name.  If that's not it, I'd suggest you show us the actual
file contents (you can blank out the password) and the actual pg_dump
command you're trying.

			regards, tom lane

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