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Re: Having trouble with pg_dumpall -o

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"Matthew Churcher" <Matthew.Churcher@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> The triggers are being used to track changes to the tables. The developers
> are concerned that using string references for the table names in this case
> would create too much overhead as this is a frequent operation and is
> performance critical.

"Premature optimization is the root of all evil".  Do you have any
actual evidence that you bought a meaningful amount of performance
with this idea?  It seems like a terrible restriction from here
--- for instance, you are absolutely locked out of doing plain
dump and restore.

> Sounds like we have the choice of using string names or implementing a
> custom migration script.

pg_upgrade might save your bacon here.  But I'd rewrite that code ASAP.
The fact that pg_upgrade preserves table OIDs is an implementation
detail, not a feature we promise to preserve.

			regards, tom lane

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