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Re: Test ODBC connection failed. Pleae help me to take a look. Thanks.

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>you want psql not isql.
On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 3:19 PM, yxj <leaf_yxj@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Scott,
I amn't farmiliar with isql. Why I said isql is because that I did some research. they said something related to isql. No matter it's isql or psql.
1)How can I test the odbc function?
2) what's isql, in which circumstances , we use isql.

I think Grace is trying to use the "isql" that comes with unixodbc in order to test her ODBC connection.

Grace, my isql is in /usr/bin/isql, but I'm on Ubuntu, and i think you're on CentOS.  (try "locate isql")

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